OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!




“You want me to what?”

“You heard me,” he said.

“30 blogs in thirty days?” My mind tries to wrap my brain around it.  My fingers stumble over the keys multiplying the need to backspace. “That’s like, one ever day.”

“Yep,” his smirk clearly came through the Skype response.

“Seriously? I’ll give up ice cream, TV, bathing in the sun…” I search for anything of value.  “Soda with caffeine!  Popcorn!  Facebook!!”

“Nope,” he replied.  “I want you to do a blog post everyday that I am doing the cleanse.”

I fall back on the grass from my sitting position and stare at the shapes as they float overhead.  I asked.  I said. “You do this cleanse for me and I’ll do whatever…” never considered that he would hold me to it.

“What if I have nothing to say?” I said with a stammer in my text.

“You will think of something…when was the last time you said absolutely nothing for 24 whole hours!”

Hmmm! Should I be offended by that? I stared at the words bulging from the screen and ingested them like a dose of bad medicine without the “spoonful of sugar” to sweeten the swallow.


So day one has collided with my perfectly content to only “write when I feel like it” world and a journey of unknown tales, illustrations, heart driven passion and hopefully a touch of hope will follow.  God help me.

No, really!  God, help me.

Join me?



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