Heaven’s a little Brighter!


My eyes, glued to the scene. The dust of the debris invaded my nose. My hands wanted to prevent the sounds of the sirens and the cries, but I couldn’t move. 1,700 miles away from Oklahoma City, I was there only by the waves of the TV, but I had walked that place, breathed the same air as those people.  “Oh God, no!” 

Floors dangled, wires sparked, glass fell. “Did I know, by name or face, anyone in that building?” 

Oklahoma City Bombing 1

Often, I reached for the phone but fear would not let me dial. So I stayed, stared and mesmerized as reality sank in.

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From a Mother’s Heart


DAY 30 (Read Day 1 “OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!”)

Lying in the bed, resting as best as one can in a hospital, I was awakened to the beautiful sound of your cry. 30 minutes of failed attempts by your father and the nurse to calm you led them to lay you back in your little bed.  Fed, changed and no signs of discomfort left them puzzled as to what to try next.

“Let me have him,” I said.

Your dad carefully lifted you from the crib and placed your head against my chest as I cradled you close. Not even a second more passed and you were silent.  The connection was obvious and from that moment, I knew my responsibility was big.

What has transpired over the last 19 years is nothing short of a thrill ride on steroids.

As a mom, I was to raise you to be independent and strong, yet I cried with each crossroad displaying my success. I gave you wings to fly yet secretly hoped they would boomerang you back to my arms at times.  Quite the psychotic endeavor.

As you boldly venture into the life of adulthood, please, take these words of hope and aspirations with you and hold them close because the world won’t teach them to you.

Don’t wait for growth to happen…seek it, in spiritual and emotional well being.

Don’t wait for respect to be handed, earn it.

Work harder than you feel necessary, love deeper than you deem capable and remember the only reason you’re placed on this earth is to care for people.  It’s through your gifts and talents that you are to do that.

Cast out the sense of entitlement so many youth these days carry and learn that you will reap what you sow.

The measure of a man’s success is not in the accomplishments and achievement he obtains, but in the quality of his character development as he journeys to get there.

Never complain about the things you can’t do but adapt your agenda to the things that you can.

Open your eyes to the ways of Christ so that you can combat and battle the ways of the world. Make Him your ultimate role model to measure every action against.

Don’t be content with the entertainment of the world instead choose to create with the gifts that God is giving you.

Never ask what can I get but instead question what should I give

As important as good grades are, if you fail in character, you fail in life.

Waiting on God is the hardest and most rewarding act of obedience you can practice.

Surround yourself with Godly men who will help hold you accountable and challenge you to grow in your faith because the enemy thrives in an isolated heart but dies where his lies and deceit are exposed.

Above all else, love first, love last and every moment in between.

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So be bold and confident in the foundation of your faith in Jesus because it is the only constant truth that will remain through all the changes and challenges of your life.

When you first started to walk, I would loosen my grip, back away and have you walk to me. Now, as I loosen my grip it’s time for you to start walking away. I pray you walk into the arms of Christ, because without Him, it’s all for nothing.


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OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!




“You want me to what?”

“You heard me,” he said.

“30 blogs in thirty days?” My mind tries to wrap my brain around it.  My fingers stumble over the keys multiplying the need to backspace. “That’s like, one ever day.”

“Yep,” his smirk clearly came through the Skype response.

“Seriously? I’ll give up ice cream, TV, bathing in the sun…” I search for anything of value.  “Soda with caffeine!  Popcorn!  Facebook!!”

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