Laughter Through Tears is my Favorite Emotion!


Secret struggles plant hidden seeds of anguish and distress that, when never faced with the light, remain grounded in a darkness and spread and infect the rest of our soul.  Laughter is to this bruising, as light is to dark; the latter always succumbs to the presence of the former.

Lights flash, people stare, their imagination fills in the story from their 10 second exposure as they drive by the 911 scene.  Being in the middle of this reoccurring scenario has made me numb to the onlookers.

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Fears from being 5′ nothing!


DAY 6 (Read Day 1 “OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!” Post)

Because somedays you just need to laugh!

1. Turning a blind corner and slamming my face into a tall mans belt buckle.
2. Arm pit hair tickling my nose when I hug a man.
3. A 2 liter soda falling on my face trying to retrieve it from grocery store shelf.
4. Grocery store shelf collapsing when climbing it to reach last cereal box in the back of top shelf.
5. Being mistaken for one of them when walking through halls of elementary school.
6. Arthritis developing in my toes due to constant extension to see credit card reader at store.
7. Having to use a booster seat at a movie full of tall people.
8. Getting stopped at entrance to confirm I’m tall enough to get onto the ride.
9. Oxygen mask on a plane doesn’t drop low enough.
10. Having to hem a miniskirt because it reaches my ankles.
11. Only top locker left at the gym.
12. Freakishly tall friend walking around my house on their knees to see the world from my perspective.

I can neither confirm nor deny whether these were based on actual true events.

A cheerful heart is good medicine… Proverbs 17:22 NLT


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