About Me!


Mom to 3, wife to 1 and a daughter of the Creative Maker, God.   I live to constantly feel the emotions that reflect the creative character of God.  Not all emotions are enjoyable so I have embraced the journey of learning how to survive, trudge through or overcome those that are tough to take.  If I am not feeling something, then I am aimlessly wondering without purpose. I exist in hopes of bringing meaning and purpose to every emotion I encounter so that with my last breath, I will confidently be able to say, “I lived.”

In the midst of every circumstance is an opportunity to encounter God.  I have overcome, still strive to overcome and will continue to strive to overcome, many circumstances in my life.  I don’t want to be defined as survivor of anything but a learner of grace, hope and love. I pray that my blogs offer a touch of rawness, authenticity and encouragement of how to handle what life throws our way.  As I share my stories of suffering, loss, abuse and sorrows, I pray you find hope to overcome and grace to carry on.


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