I’m a Hypocrite!




DAY 2 (Read Day 1 “OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!” Post)

Not even a sunset passes before occasion to implement that which I teach is staged before me.

“Your passions, those characteristics and talents that God has gifted you with need exercise, need nurturing, need practice and the only way to do that is by actively doing hard things.”

The girls listened, nodded their heads and even responded with ideas of how their young teen lives could be productive and prepatory for what God has for them in the future. We closed our journals and I prayed for them to find ways to employ what they learned.

Now, I sit here with a stale taste of whine in my mouth of the intense difficulty it is to create self exposing words from the heart compared to the ease of just not doing something else for 30 days and a voice, releases words that fall like an anvil on my soul.

In a whisper, “teaching/leading is best given/received when it is based on current status of revealed growth rather than past knowledge of success.”


Forgiveness is needed from the young women I challenged so valiantly from the safety of my knowledge.  I am one with you, not above you.

Romans 2:21 “New Living Translation
Well then, if you teach others, why don’t you teach yourself?”



One thought on “I’m a Hypocrite!

  1. Whispering a humble amen as I let your words penetrate deep into my soul. Words that resonate with (and challenge) this same habitual hypocrisy in my own life. Thank you.

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