Seeker Friendly Tight Rope!



DAY 15 (Read Day 1 “OK, Honey. Challenge Accepted!” Post)

Upon entrance, hands reach out to greet them, offer announcements on paper and they bee-line to find a seat. Not to far forward, leaving chance for a quick escape and not in close proximity to strangers, after all it’s church, they might bite.

It’s for these visiting species that churches have created “seeker friendly” services. Services with no greeting time, way too awkward, performances rather than worship because, well, they don’t know the songs. Play music loudly, use words that aren’t overly spiritual and by no means should anyone look around while during prayer.

It’s the latter that I ponder.

Inspiring message stirs an unbelievers heart, music of God’s love penetrates the rough, doubting exterior, heart pounds, palms sweat and a desire rises in them to make a decision for Christ, alone.

All of heaven is poised to celebrate… yet the touchable, present and “in the flesh” believers that surround them are asked to pray with bowed heads and closed eyes. Hmmm…

Don’t Christ followers miss the opportunity to discover the newest members of their faith family all because we wouldn’t want them to feel weird?

Doesn’t that teach them from the very beginning, right out of the gates that take them from bondage of sin to freedom in Christ, to be “timid in spirit” and hide their faith?

I get that we don’t want to go all crazy and scare people off, but people come to church with knowledge that God is there, shouldn’t they experience Him in the fullness of His design, not ours?

Not a statement,  just a ruminating question.

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