Spirit Awakening


Have you ever had a Spirit Moment! One of those supernatural moments when your heart starts pounding as you just KNOW that God wants you to go pray for a stranger or share something on your heart with someone in need.

I had one of these divine moments. Actually I have and a few but there is one that stands out in particular. I have a friend, more of a earthly, spiritual father actually, that has been gravely I’ll for almost two years now. Suffering from more that just one thing, he continues to baffle doctors with new symptoms and scary close calls with what seemed to be death.

One night I was I a deep sleep, probably dreaming as I always do, when suddenly I was awakened as if someone just sounded an alarm. truthfully, it was an alarm of the Spirit. I went from deep sleep to bright eyed and bushy tailed in 0 to 2 seconds. Immediately, I knew why. As I was jolted awake, my eyes popped open, the core of my stomach muscle sat me straight up and heart began racing. (You have to understand that I am not a morning person! Not even in the slightest of ways. In fact, if I was to have gone into labor in the middle of the night, I would have told the unborn baby to go back to sleep and wait til morning. That is if my brain was awake enough to process what was even happening. All that to say, I do NOT wake up easily. But this middle of the night awakening was different. I knew right away, without a doubt, with all the clarity of mind I could possibly ever have, that I was to immediately pray for my friend. It’s like 3:30 or so in the morning and I wasn’t going to call to check in. BUT, by the intense beating of my heart, I knew God awakened me to pray for Him. So I obeyed. Out of fear I prayed “God please, please don’t take him.” Clearly God said, I’m not, I just wanted you to pray.”

The next morning, after drifting off back into dream state sleep, I woke up to my regular alarm. First thing I did was check my email. There was an email from the spouse of my dear, sick friend saying that they made an emergency trip to the hospital for serious medical reasons that I do to recall. At what time was it that they made their way to the ER? Yep! Exactly at the same time as I was awakened to pray.

Now you may think I going to brag that God needed me at that moment because his work and healing my friend was limited to my commitment to pray. Or that I am some hyper spiritual person with some “sixth sense” ability. But after a time being so thankful I was awakened and stirred to pray, it hit me. God didn’t wake me because my prayers were so awe inspiringly amazing. He certainly didn’t awake me because He needed me to prY before He could do His work. It was about relationship and bonding. He woke me up because He wanted me to be a part of the work He was doing. He wanted to include me so that I knew I mattered and so that my friend would know how deeply he is cared about. It was about God reminding my friend that he is not alone in his physical battle but that God has people surrounding him and his wife as they battle the spiritual and mental deficiencies of 2 long years

2 thoughts on “Spirit Awakening

  1. This encourages me to “listen more carefully” to those moments that I can so easily brush off as other things. Thanks for the reminder to pray to be included in the work of The Holy Spirit…not that He needs me…but what an honor to walk that journey with others that we know and don’t know. Oh Lord, break my heart for the things that break Yours.

  2. Love it! God doesn’t need us at all to do what he does best. It’s an honor and privilege to be included in the work he is doing all around us. Those super natural moments are such a great gift, and often times are shoved right into our lives and seems almost like an unwelcome interruption (the middle of the night, during a time of worship where we wanted the time all to ourselves, etc..) until we become more in tune to how the Holy spirit speaks and prompts us. Only after obediance we can see how profoundly this interruption can bless and change our lives. Love your perspective! Thanks for sharing!!! XXO

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