A Friend Impacted!



A fluttering blink of the eyes reveals morning has remained reliable in breaking up the night. My body denies the truth but manages to transfer it’s achy bones to upright position. What a night! I stagger forward, stopping for a moment at the bay window overlooking the waterfall in the back yard that remains flowing after weary owners failed to turn it off.  A few plastic forks remained in the yard since darkness fell on the party way to fast.  I sigh.

The curved mower pattern that had painted the lawn faded, replaced by tiny and large foot patterns where the blades of grass had buckled under the pressure of approximately 124 active feet. Each pair reflects a life changed, a heart encouraged or a soul deeply loved by the guests of honor.

As much as I’ve demanded myself to hold people loosely, now and again, someone catches me unaware, penetrates through the concrete walls, and kidnaps a piece of my heart.  The mangled lawn I gaze upon is a reflection of the many hearts stolen by these mutual friends about to embark on a long distance adventure in a far away land.  The party, an attempt to celebrate while quietly addressing the void they will inevitably leave behind.

A reminder that people are worth the time, friendships are worth the effort and investment made, no matter if only gifted to us for a day or a life long companionship.  A gift indeed is the impact others can have.

Like a short gust of wind that blows out the stagnant air.

Like the soft gentle rain that settles the dust.

Like the blink that cleanses a dry eye, Some friendships pass-through leaving an impression and an impact that refresh and cleanse the heart.  Not at all unlike the effect the Olson Family has had on me.  Short, but overwhelmingly sweet, they leave behind an urgent joy, a inspiring hope and a lingering taste of Jesus in my soul.

A reflection of myself stares back at me in the window.  “You matter to someone, make sure others encounter the same value from you.”

To my friendships of the past that my walls seemed impenetrable, to my present relationships that I long to grow deeper, and to my future encounters I desire to see created… You are valuable in my life!

To the Olson Family, thank you infiltrating my cautious heart and for blowing in like a cleansing wind and leaving a trail of Jesus behind.

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