What “nobody” has to say!


20131008_181444“You should create a blog, Teresa. You need to write more. Have you ever thought about putting your words into print?” Well, yes, I thought about it, many times. But never, ever would I have thought I was brave enough to actually do it. I mean, come on, I am a “nobody” in the eyes of the world. How can sharing my life’s emotional rollercoaster be of any use to anybody? People stand in grocery store lines, lingering around the tabloids, just to read the latest news of those who have achieved a “somebody” status. The most well known, the most talented or even the most notorious get their story told. But I’m not “anybody” in the eyes of our society. No one is going to see my name and curiously and anxiously wonder what I have to say next. I’m just simple, ordinary and relatively boring to most everyone most of the time. I’m “nobody” because most everybody hasn’t considered me to be “somebody.” But then I realized that I don’t have to be the “most” influential, “most” inspirational, “most” impactful or “most” anything to EVERYone… I only need to be those things to someONE. We are only truly a “nobody” if we don’t invest in SOMEBODY.

So, in spite of my fear that I will fail, in spite of my anxiety that no one will read it, or like it or comment kindly on it, I am creating a blog. (Even if I only have one known follower.) I am choosing to believe that the emotional journey of life that this “nobody” has experienced will eventually come to impact the life of somebody as I share my deepest hurts, pains, wounds and healings and how God has stayed the center of my focus through it all.

10 thoughts on “What “nobody” has to say!

  1. so glad you took the leap. like you said, if you are doing it for yourself, and only yourself, it is perfect. and if you don’t expect anyone to follow or read it, then a thousand will follow you before you know it.
    good luck. i will check in on a regular basis.

  2. Carolyn Foss

    Sounds very similar to someone else’s life I have heard of. He lived almost 2000 years ago. I understand He was very plain (unlike you) and not “not anybody in his society” either. But He lived the most powerful life possible, and He has given you the strength to do the same. Keep loving Jesus and continue to obey Him. You will continue to impact the people He has called you to impact.

  3. Just write. Thinking about some self-imposed mandate about affecting someone’s life only makes you step outside the act of writing. Become a good writer. Learn all you can about how to writing well. Read extensively and widely. Write. Find one or two other writers who you trust to critique your writing (read: tell you the hard things). Develop the skill of being able to separate your soul-self from the essay so you are able to ruthlessly edit. Read Stephen King’s book, On Writing, to begin.

    If you do these things over a long period of time perhaps an audience will form, but it should not be your goal. I had a professor once tell me to NEVER write a love poem. As soon as you set your mind to write about love you will fail. Just tell the story, he said. Perhaps you will look at it later and discover it is a love poem, perhaps it will be something different, something even better. Finding a love poem is a observation after the fact, not a goal. So YES–WRITE! Write unencumbered by such a weighty expectation as any audience at all. It will free you in ways unimaginable.

  4. jen N.

    What Susan said.
    And you are somebody. You are the only YOU HE made. HE who made the universe has plans for YOU. What everyone else thinks doesn’t matter. Share what he has put in you.

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